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All our coaches are specialist and are passionate about leading by example. They’ll take the time to get to know you. Because by understanding what you’re seeking to achieve, we can be there to push you forwards when the going gets tough and to celebrate your successes.

At Fortitude Barbell, we are the specialist when it comes to strength and conditioning training for athletes – we’ve worked with everyone from runners, triathletes, swimmers, sports professionals, powerlifters, and Brazilian Jujitsu and MMA fighters.

Each of you has come from a different starting point, but we hope you’ll come together to share the same goal – to be the best version of yourself at Fortitude Barbell!

Powerlifting Competition Team Training

Fortitude Barbell’s experienced coaches, Jonny “B Bad” and Jamie, have been competing in powerlifting for over ten years. During that time, they have built a team of like minded people who want to become the strongest version of themselves.

Our powerlifting teams have competed across Australia and internationally over the past ten years.

Our training principles come from personal experience and we believe there is no one magic training program, so we personalise everything we do. We keep a very open mind when it comes to our training approach and are willing to try anything to make you a better athlete.

Fortitude Barbell are happy to coach lifters from any federation and encourage all our clients to compete in any or all powerlifting events in Australia. This approach gives our team the freedom to pick the competition that suits them and to be confident that they’ll receive the best training to boot.

We have and continue to travel across Australian capital cities and regional locations to support our athletes in state, national and world level competition.