Merryn Armstrong

Hi! I'm Merryn 
I'm the creator & owner of Mayhemstrong. I help busy people build stronger bodies & better habits. 
I'm currently completing a bachelor of Nutrition & exercise science at the University of Queensland. I regularly attend seminars & courses to build on my knowledge & skills as a coach.
I believe exercise & health should be accessible to everybody. I take clients online & face to face. 
My clients are as unique as I am.
Come as you are. I work with each person  to tailor a program to their needs, schedule & goals. Evidence based strength training & fitness coaching for real people. I can help with general fitness, strength & body composition goals. 
My love of powerlifting began in 2015 after trying bodybuilding & even CrossFit. Powerlifting got me hooked and that year I was invited to compete in Las Vegas at GPC worlds on the Australian team. The highlight of my athletic career to date is winning gold in u75kg open women's.
When I'm not working with clients find me reading, rediscovering my love of cooking and geeking out on culinary & science YouTube channels. I'm also an event host & MC.