Jamie Cougan

Powerlifting – Sports Specific & General Strength and Conditioning – Body Composition (Weight loss / Gain)
From a young age I’ve always been involved in sports & have enjoyed pushing the limitations of my physical ability in one way or another.
At age 5 I started writing motocross recreationally which eventually turned into racing at a national level. I played footy for 5 consecutive years through school and then leaned into the world of competitive gaming through my earlier teenage years.

From around the age of 16 I discovered training in a commercial gym, and had a PT myself. By the time I was 18 being a PT had become my dream job, and from there I spent most of my time trying to find my place in the world of fitness. I spent years being a “general gym goer” whilst working my 9-5 job. I’ve trained in commercial gyms, PT studios with private coaches, I’ve done boxing, long distance running, MMA and Muaythai Kickboxing (even jumped in and had an amateur fight).
It wasn’t until I was 23 where I then decided that Fitness had become such a big part of my life it was time to turn it into a career.
I’ve since been independently working as a PT / Coach and now have 10+ years of coaching experience under my belt, a 10 year powerlifting career and a life time of all things fitness to share with my clients.
I pride myself on having the dynamic ability to adapt my training style to that of the specific needs of my client. There is no one size fits all, so whether you’re looking to simply learn how to lift weights, start a basic weight loss program or compete at a national level in powerlifting / high level sports I can deliver.
I offer one on one/two private coaching, or small group strength and conditioning sessions. All programming and nutrition advice* is provided free as part of my coaching service.