Chris Cougan

My name is Chris Cougan and I am a Personal Trainer at Fortitude Barbell. It is my passion to help people from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals in the simplest and most realistic way possible.

I believe that getting fit and healthy does not have to be difficult however often times it feels like it can be.  We live in a time where we have an overwhelming endless stream of information available that can sometimes be conflicting and contradictory. Eat this, don’t eat that. Do this exercise, don’t do that exercise etc…  

There is no one way to get fit and healthy, as they say “Different courses for different horses”. Not everyone has the same goals and not everyone is dealing with the same circumstances. You might be working part time with a tonne of free time or you could be a single parent with a fulltime job. Your training and your pathway will likely be very different however it is still possible to achieve the same results, just in a different, personalised way that suits you, and most importantly that is realistic!

Let me help you get started on your pathway to health and fitness in a simple and realistic way that accommodates your lifestyle!